Developing Connected Device Strategies and Insights

JKVC was founded by Jeff Katz, a serial entrepreneur who has founded companies in a wide variety of industries including security, finance, and IT. With his background in engineering, computer science, and business, Jeff is at once a forward-thinking technologist and a practical engineer. Together with his team, Jeff can help address your unique situation.


Connected Device Development

Whether consumer or industrial, the Internet of Things (IOT) is changing the world around us. We can help you successfully execute your IoT vision from conception to prototyping through to design for manufacturing and logistics.

Startup & Entrepreneurship Assistance

We offer one-on-one sessions to ease and troubleshoot the initial bumps every startup encounters—navigating funding rounds, production, and strategy. Even (especially) if you're a "Corporate Startup".

Speaking Engagements and Trainings

JKVC contains decades of collective experience speaking internationally on topics such as privacy and security. We can also do small corporate workshops or trainings on topics from IoT through design thinking.

We Offer

  • Interim CTO, Engineering Management, and/or Architect
  • Connected Product Strategy and Development
  • Startup Evaluation / Due Diligence for Investors/LPs
  • IoT Requirements Analysis for B2C and B2B Use Cases
  • Short-term IoT Project Setup
  • Nightmare Project Turn-Around
  • And more...

We address your concerns

How do I optimize my concrete business processes with the help from IoT?

Does the technology company I want to invest in have defensible or novel technology?

How can I monetize my digital business?

What's the best way to build a modern, agile engineering team to execute my IoT strategy?

What are the affects of Industry 4.0 on my existing business model and processes?

What additional value could I deliver to my customers using IoT solutions?

How can I control and minimize the risk inherent to my IoT strategy?

What is the best way to manufacture in or partner with firms in China?

What Clients are Saying About JKVC

JKVC has deep knowledge with serious hands-on experience in Hardware. They are well known in the Hardware/IoT startup scene in Germany

Raafat HantoushFounder


Just wanted to thank you for all the advice you gave us during the one-on-one session. I am really fascinated by your skills. I've never seen anyone solving a bunch of technical problems in such a [short] time.

Nicolas-Michael El JamalFounder


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